Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Wednesday-night XC race series has begun, and I got to the first race yesterday. I forgot to bring a memory card for my digital camera, so I can't show you the turnout, but it looked like a record. The course was the inner loop of the 24-hour course, modified at the end so we'd come through the Start/Finish area the same direction we started (upriver).

There's a race for everyone here, from novices and casual racers to bleeding-edge hardcore atheletes. A good contingent of the latter showed up, and had a great race at the front. I sat in 3rd for a while, then ended up sliding back to 6th for the second half of the race. I would've liked to at least be able to contest 5th place, but I couldn't hang. Maybe next time☺

Here's some video from the race:


  1. Great video. I learned 3 things:

    1. I need to train harder.

    2. I need a faster bike.

    3. Even after #1 and #2, I'd be very, very far from competetive! ;P

    - Ventura

  2. I think that's the great thing about these races, though... come as you are, ride to your potential, and there'll probably be someone in your zone to race with :) And if nothing else, EVERYONE's eligible to have their name called for schwag awards, plus there's BEER (and root beer too)!