Friday, May 27, 2011

Wednesday-night XC race report

Yesterday was the second race of the Wednesday-Night XC Race Series. This week, they used the 24-hour course in its entirety. It looked like rain showers were a possibility, so I brought a wool base layer, a wool sweater, wind pants and a jacket.

Before the race, one of the owners of Two Wheel Transit took me aside and gave me some performance-enhancing drugs. This is the high-grade stuff, he got it from Mexico somehow. No corn syrup, it's sweetened with actual SUGAR.

I rode out to Riverside in a very light rain which stopped before the race began. Upon arrival, the first order of business was to bust out the bug repellent... I've fixed flat tires while being eaten alive by mosquitos before, and once was enough. I'm taking precautions!

The race went pretty well. Like last week, there was a wonderful diversity of riders. Tactically, I made a couple goofs: after a good start, I went too hard, then got gapped and couldn't catch up. The video clip below gives a blow-by-blow account if you're interested :) Oh, and for the second week in a row, my tubeless wunder-tires seem to have "burped" (momentarily lost their seal at the rim, and lost a bunch of air pressure), but by the time that happened, the leaders were over a minute up on me, so it made no practical difference in the end.

After the race, I hung out and swapped race stories with other riders over a root beer, watched some of the random prize giveaways (that's right, anyone can win prizes regardless of their place), then installed my lights and headed home to edit video from the Contour HD1080.

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