Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Surly Pugsley is a Go Anywhere Bike

4 inch wide tires with 10 PSI sounds more like a tractor than a bike.

When we first heard about the Surly Pugsley we only viewed it in terms of a winter bike for riding on snowy trails and packed powder.  There are a couple of local evangelists who kept sending us photos of them doing just that on their fat-tire bikes.  The more we researched and came to love this fat boy, the more we realized it is a capable steed just about anywhere you have to get off and walk a normal bike.

We were planning a review of all the ways you could have fun on this bike but an Edmonton resident heard we had one in stock and promptly bought it.  Fortunately, the folks at Bike Radar had already written a very thorough review.

They even went as far as calling it a "Super Bike". From the limited testing we were able to perform, we think they have a lot of potential.  They are just plain fun to ride and inspire confidence at every turn.  We are sure it is just a matter of time before a local farmer figures a way to attach implements behind a Pugsley after one-too-many diesel purchases over $4 a gallon.  Just think, it could bring a whole new dimension to Bike To Work Week.

Enjoy the review.  Bike Radar Review

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