Thursday, May 26, 2011

24 Hour Team - Two Wheel Transit - Riders 3 - 6

Daniel Weber is a mt-biking miracle. In July 2006, he was hit by a car while on a training ride. The impact with the pavement shattered his L2 vertebra. The first orthopedic surgeon he saw in the hospital told him he would probably never work again, or lift up his little boy, and certainly never ride. 

His primary care physician, Dan Dionne, called in the big guns. Surgeon John Shuster had a very different prognosis. He would do a one-above-one-below fusion, a painful surgery and recovery, but one that offered much better and quicker results. Daniel's wife, Kyrsten, asked how soon he could get back on a bike. Three to four months was the answer.

After a very painful, difficult 3 months - and true to the doc's prognosis - Daniel was back on his bike. Dr. Shuster agreed that exercise would be vital to Daniel's recovery. At 5 month, even the surgeon was amazed that Daniel's fusion was complete. The bone had grown in much more quickly than anticipated. Daniel and Kyrsten knew that it was a combination of a good doc, a strong patient, and LOTS of prayer.

At 6 months, Daniel went back to work full time. Less than a year after the accident, Daniel on his bike for the 24 Hour Mt-bike Race, wearing one of his previous champion's jerseys. This year, 2011, is his fourth race since the accident. And he's turning in faster lap times than ever.  We are pleased to have Daniel as part of our 

team this year.

Dan Garrett - The other Dan on our Team is Dan Garrett.  He is a wicked-fast rider who will also be our runner for the LeMans start format.  He is a regular fixture at the 24 Hour Race as well as other off-road races in the area. Dan is part owner of Inland Elevator and a quiet and easy-going guy despite his cannibalistic tenancies on the mountain bike.  When asked for some biographical information he replied with "it really is not all that interesting"  Here is his submission for the blog.

It's my wife's fault I am now a bike addict. I was born 38 years ago in Spokane, grew up in Alaska, and moved to Metaline Falls at the start of high school. Graduated in 1991 and joined the Navy after a short attempt to go to college. After 4 years in the Navy I returned to Spokane, and started working on elevators 

During this time I got lucky and convinced a reluctant Rheanne to marry me. We have 3 girls: Amanda 17, Haiden 8, and Aidah 6. After the many, many years of no sleep and endless diapers, Rheanne decided to build up an old mountain bike she had and get back into riding. She had mostly given up on ever riding with me as I couldn't fathom why you would ever pedal a bike when they had been coming with motors in them for years.  One day she came home with a used rock hopper I think, and for some reason I ended up on the thing riding up some hill on an old fire road with her and some other people. I am not sure what happened, maybe it was heat stroke, but I enjoyed it! Then a buddy of mine from church, Dan Weber,  told me about Wednesday night races, which I tried out. Came in last, but had fun anyway. 

Then I tried cyclocross. Never in my life had I experienced such flat out physical exertion combined with endorphin overdose. There were great people to be around, my kids were welcome, and the family atmosphere with racing was awesome. Worst day of the year is the last day of cross.  I think I bought 5 bikes over the next two years and sold all but one of my motorcycles. And its for sale, (2002 Honda 919, $2750) so I can buy a good wheelset and a crankset.  I quit my job with Thyssen Krupp elevator last September to start Inland Elevator, Spokane's only independent elevator company,  with my two brothers. Just a weird bit of trivia: the three of us have nurses for wives, which is very convenient. As a result of my recent career redirect I am less stressed, a lot happier, and enjoying life more. Which includes lots of saddle time. Thanks to  Two Wheel Transit for letting me ride on the team.

Alec Forshag - Alec is a junior at G Prep and this is his second time racing in the 24 Hour Race.  He is typically a sprinter in track and field and used to his races being done between 11 and 23 seconds.  That will just about get him out of the start area and the rest will be determination and will.  He is riding a blue Gary Fisher Cobia 29" that he has had for a few years.  Even at 15 he researched bikes and determined the 29" wheels provided the most benefit to riders and racers alike.  

Bringing up the rear of the team is Geoff Forshag of Two Wheel Transit.  Also riding a Fisher 29" bike called the Superfly.  Geoff is happy to be riding with this group and appreciates all the work that goes into training and racing by his team mates.

That is the team!  We will see you at the race! 

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