Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflecting on 2010

"Oh, how can I say in a few minutes what it has taken me a lifetime to understand" - Young Frankenstein

As we peer into 2011, it seemed like a good time to reflect on the 1st year of ownership of Two Wheel Transit.  Our first sense is that of sincere gratitude for the great customers, employees and support of the community.  After our purchase in November 2009, we continually had people coming in to see what was new at the store and wish us well - it has been humbling to say the least - thank you. 

Here are some of the things that stand-out from our 1st year under new ownership:

Fondest Memory - Almost 50 riders at our last official shop ride of the year.  It was a glorious evening for a ride out to 7 mile followed by David's Pizza back at the shop - still brings a smile just thinking about it.

Least Favorite Memory - The weather.  Nuff-said.

Best Efficiency - Adding a second check-in station for tune-up and repairs and alleviating the bottleneck in the front of the store.

Biggest Accomplishment - Meeting his goal of finishing the Leadville 100 race in under 12 hours by none other than Gage Stromberg of Team Two Wheel.  Congratulations Big Guy.

Worst Performance - The 2nd Avenue repaving project - Nuff-said.

Best New Ride - Thursday night Shop Rides - Thanks to Gage, Andrei and Paul of Team Two Wheel and everyone who participated.

Bike Garnering Most Attention - Surly Pugsley - 4" tires for riding on soft stuff like snow, sand and sometimes slush.

Best New Line - Ibex Wool Clothing - nothing beats the feel, wear, comfort and versatility of Merino Wool.

Muddiest Race - Final race of the Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Series where shop employee, Tom McFadden clinched the Overall Champion Title.  - Congratulations, Tom

Best New Event - Summer Parkways by Spokefest Association.  So cool to see so many people out having fun without cars. 

Most People out on Bikes - 2010 Spokefest - such a cool event on so many levels of which we are proud to be a sponsor.  We look forward to supporting the event again in 2011.

Best Explanation for Impact Related Catastrophic Damage - "I was just riding along and...."

New Motto - "We Don't Mess Around"

Favorite Quote - "Winning the C Class in the Tuesday Night Race is like being the tallest midget in the circus." - Rider 3 Team Two Wheel

Great Associations - Moms in Motion, Women on Wheels, Team Two Wheel, Union Gospel Mission, Pedals 2 People, Spokefest Association, The Morning Ride, Gonzaga University Cycling Club and the Christmas Bureau.

Best Shop Employees - Dave, Tomas and Tom

Best Customers - All of you who walk through our doors each day.

Thank you and wishing you all the best for the New Year.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Twas The Night Before Christmas (Plus a day)

Sometimes the elements conspire to spoil a Christmas surprise, but with some planning and fast driving, it just may work-out.

JG is a Two Wheel Transit customer who currently resides in Othello with his lovely bride.  They are both competitive triathletes and balance work and training year-round.  Being the generous guy that he is, JG wanted to surprise his bride with a 2011 Trek Madone 5.2 on Christmas morning, but work and weather made it hard for him to get to Spokane to pick it up in time.

Not to worry, said the shop.  The shop elves would either fly the bike to Othello in a specially modified sleigh that looks like a lot like a Cessna or drive it to a prearranged meeting spot like Ritzville.  "Great" said JG and the plan began to take shape.  The elves started looking at things like weather, weight and balance calculations, landing/take-off minimums and whether the sleigh pilot had consumed too many holiday treats to get in the air.  In this economy, elves have had to retrain on skills beyond toy-making.

In the magical land of Christmas the weather never stops the show (think Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer), so plan B was just a formality.  The day of delivery broke with dense fog, icing conditions and less than 1/4 visibility.  Not exactly ideal conditions for an aerial sleigh ride since even Rudolph with newly installed HID and LED lighting could not cut through this stuff.  But, in true Christmas fashion, the conditions were forecast to improve later in the day.  So, out to the airport with the bike to watch the weather and then fly if conditions improved.

True to form, the weather never improved enough to make the flight that day so Plan B was implemented to meet at the McDonalds in Ritzville at 1:00.  (Did you know that you can make it to Ritzville from downtown in 48 minutes on I-90?)

The bike was delivered to an enthusiastic JG and Christmas was saved for the young couple.  The overweight elf driver waddled into the Golden Arches and had a quick value meal to sustain him for the final flurry of holiday activity and drove back to Spokane.  "And to all a good night!" he was heard mumbling while fighting a mid afternoon nap on the exciting drive home.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not Quite Haiku

Snowy Day today.
My bike equipped with studs.
Not on the seat though.

Winter weather now.
Bike season is on the way.
Rolling dreams at night.