Monday, May 2, 2011

Valley Chapel Loop Report

I got a hall pass to ride the Valley Chapel Loop Sunday afternoon.  The loop is defined as a turn onto Valley Chapel Road where it intersects the Old Palouse Highway about 4 miles south of 57th Ave and riding it to Hwy 27 just outside of Rockford.  Head north on 27 about 7.5 miles and turn west on to Old Palouse Hwy until intersecting the starting point at Valley Chapel Road.

The loop itself is about 32 miles of climbs, rollers, descents and headwinds.  There were no trouble spots noted as it appears that all of the roads and shoulders have been cleared of sand and gravel.  As recent as a few weeks ago there was still a lot of sand on the grades that made for scary descents. The only potential issues are on Hwy 27 if you move off of the shoulder into the road where there are small potholes.

As always, remember traffic on both Hwy 27 and Old Palouse have 55 mph speed limits so be careful turning on either.

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