Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Well, It Finally Happened

Winter would not let go this year and spring was wet and wimpy.  Even the first day of Bike to Work Week was monsoon-like.  With such poor weather leading into summer you would think that riders would be frantic to spend as much time on the road as possible.  Yes, you would think.

A very dear customer was in last week and we discussed their new bike and whether they had been out on it yet.   No they said, the prior two weeks were too wet to ride.  I asked about the following week to which they uttered the words I thought I would never hear this year - "It's been too hot to ride outside this week."

It was as if all conversation in the shop stopped and all heads turned in the direction of the unthinkable phrase.  Time seemed to stand still and the magnitude of the words sunk in.  I asked for a clarification and received the same response.  Slowly the shock abated and conversation began again, though in more muted tones.

Usually, riders start altering their riding times when the highs hit somewhere in the mid 90's, but that just means they go earlier in the day.  If memory serves me, it has only reached 90 once this year so it seems far from too hot to ride.

I am going to get out every day there is not ice on the road even if it is for a spin around the neighborhood.  If it is too hot, then that means a ride to the Scoop to cool off.

See you on the road.

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