Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday Wrap Up

For a lot of blogs this week that focus on cycling, they will be doing a Tour de France wrap up, but why would we want to be following the crowd? No, instead, let's do a wrap up on my personal birthday.

My day started . . .

No, I'm not really going to re-cap my day, but something did strike me as I was unwrapping presents. It turns out that I am a serious cycling fan. Maybe a deranged or unhinged fan. Here are a couple of items that were in my birthday present collection.

A new bike seat - yes, I had a fair hand in getting this present, in that I specified the specific thing I wanted and then begged for it, but I was still unreasonably happy to pull it out of a gift bag.

A check - yes, I got a check from thoughtful relatives and upon seeing it, I immediately considered what cycling item I could buy or what bigger project this particular check should contribute to in the future. It never occurred to me that I should do anything else with this money. After all, I'm sure my kids will get scholarships and my home repairs will fix themselves if I just wait long enough.

It's All About the Bike - A book about building up a custom bike and apparently refuting that other's guy's book suggesting it is not all about the bike.

David Millar's new book, Racing Through the Dark - Not available yet in the US, my thoughtful and wonderful wife ordered this from the UK so that I could enjoy as soon as possible. I was hungry for this book. I was thirsty for this book. I wanted to read this book so much I could taste it. Okay, maybe I'm just hungry, but I really really wanted this book and it is very nice to have a spouse that supports this need by spending as much on postage as the book to get it for me.

Clothes - I also got some clothes, but it does make me wonder if I can return them for cash so I buy some more cycling stuff . . .

I see a theme here. I used to think that I just "liked" cycling, but I think I may have moved past that point. It may be a sickness or an obsession, but like most addicts, I'm fine with it. I ain't going to rehab yet, not matter what happened to a specific chanteuse.

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