Monday, July 25, 2011

Speaking of New Views

Anyone who has been on a Thursday night ride with the shop knows it is typically the same route, but with different people and speeds each week.  Even though it is the same route, it is never the same ride and never gets boring.  Regardless, it is sometimes good to have a venue change just to mix it up a bit.

We have never done a remote start shop ride, but want to try one on August 4th from a cool location and ride one of Spokane's signature rides.  We hope it works, but need everyone's help to make it a success and spread the word.

Famous Ed's is a very cool neighborhood bar and restaurant that also serves David's pizza.  It is located at 2911 E 57th Avenue and will provide a great starting and stopping point to ride the Hangman Valley loop that evening.  The start time will be 6pm (for this ride only) to allow everyone to get up there and ready to ride.

All other Thursday rides will continue to leave from the shop at 5:30pm.

After riding the loop in reverse we will gather again at Famous Ed's to recover with some pizza and your favorite beverage.  The owners even said we can bring our bikes inside if we like.

As always, this is a no drop ride at recovery pace and we will regroup at the bottom of Hatch, top of Baltimore and whichever route we take to get back up the south hill.  

We hope to see you there.  Please help spread the word by letting your riding pals know about this ride.

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