Monday, July 18, 2011

Cycling is the New Golf - No, Really

Golf has long been viewed as a place to entertain associates, a way to recreate and seal business deals with customers.  It also has its own rules and nuances that seem foreign to newcomers and outsiders.  We believe that cycling has now achieved the same status as golf when it comes to bringing people together for various reasons.

Like golf, cycling together let's you wear brightly colored clothing that may not be viewed as welcome in other settings.  A lot of money is raised for deserving charities through golf tournaments and organized bike rides.  Of course neither is fully appreciated when viewed on television by non-participating friends, spouses or teens.

These days you hear more business people who plan bike rides with clients and associates to create a closer bond and opportunities to discuss business in a more relaxed atmosphere.  There are even phrases that are correlated between the sports.  Here are just a few:

In golf you play through - in cycling you say "on your left" as you pass a slower rider.   Or what is your handicap compared to what is your gearing?   Fore is replaced with car-back to warn of an approaching motorized vehicle.

Golfers have been known to stop for a beer or two after a round on the links which is also true for cyclists -think Famous Eds, the Elk or the Flying Goat.

In our opinion there are many things that make cycling better than golf.  You do not have to make a tee time, you can start and finish just about anywhere, you get real exercise, you do not typically lose as many balls and you do not have to worry about a foursome.

We are sure that now that this theory has been put out there that more similarities and examples will come to mind so stay tuned for a future update.  Now, if the requisite golf tournament for high school reunions could just be replaced with a 50 mile group bike ride.

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