Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday ride report: Riverside trails

A week ago, Riverside State Park had a fair amount of snowpack when I visited the outer loop of the 24-hour course. This week I wanted to give you a report on the whole course, and I know how to motivate myself:

Recovery food!

720p resolution is recommended. If you just want to see the inner-loop highlights, skip forward to about 3m 30sec. As you can see, this time the camera was helmet-mounted, but still suffers from vibration in rough areas.

The report: the outer loop is almost clear of snowpack, but Little Vietnam is currently closed because the river's high. The inner loop has one sizeable section with lots of snowpack, but is otherwise quite good. If you want to go ride XC in Riverside, it's ready. Do keep your eyes open for newly-fallen trees, horseback riders, and Turnip ;)

the trail opposite the gun club is temporarily closed due to high water

Oh, and speaking of water... if you ride the river loop and drop in at the Bowl & Pitcher location to get water, the regular fountains aren't turned on yet. But this one is working:

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