Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday ride report

Chad, Alan and I rode the Hangman loop today. Conditions were very nice, and we saw some cyclists out there (was that you in the valley, Connor?). I had the camera along again, as well as the Garmin, so I pieced together another video for you:

On our way to meet up with Chad, Alan and I went up Southeast Boulevard. The bike lane on Southeast has quite a bit of silt, some gravel, and a few pinecone minefields, so if you'll be riding on Southeast, expect debris, and keep a sharp eye out for dislodged chunks of asphalt from the potholes on the descent, as well as the potholes and gaping pavement seams themselves.

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  1. Thanks for NOT posting the long, dull section of me barely climbing the last place...being passed by an old lady on a cruser bike...with a flat tire.