Friday, March 4, 2011

mechBgon Area Road Report

As a public service, the very intrepid mechBgon got out to check out some of our area ride conditions. Looks like it mostly bodes well for the weekend if the weather stays mild. Thanks mechBgon!

I rode around after work Thursday night and checked out a few places of interest to cyclists, to see what conditions were like. Starting with a trip out Governement Way, I found it was pretty good, just a coat of gravel on the shoulder. If you like the climb up to the Airway Heights area, you should be OK on your road bike.

From Government Way, I turned onto Aubrey White Parkway and into Riverside just to the top of the big descent adjacent to the Bowl & Pitcher. The Centennial Trail's been plowed, but there's some residual snow and ice in here.

Then I backtracked to downtown and checked the Fish Lake Trail. I didn't go too far, but the first 1/4 mile was mostly clear. Here's the worst bit I saw:

Next, I headed up the South Hill on Maple/Cedar. Coming around the corner at 12th, I discovered that the bike lane is currently more of a snowshoe lane. I emailed the City about this, as it's a repeat incident.

At about 22nd and High Drive, I took a look at the trail that leads down onto the Bluff there. There's still variable amounts of snowpack on the hillside, but looking at the weather forecast, I'm guessing the Bluff will get increasingly rideable all week, in a two-steps-forward,-one-step-back kind of way.

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