Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Race Series #7 (First Report)

Finally made it out for a Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Race tonight.  Just a few random thoughts before mechBgon posts the official report from the front of the 2 Lap Division.  It was great to see 91 racers turn-out for this final event which is a testament to the organization and popularity of this series. 

mechBgon won the series again for the second year in a row.  Nice work for what appeared to have been a very competitive field this year.  I got to see him receive his trophy and prizes though without any fanfare or hoopla as is characteristic of this amazing guy.

Two Wheel Transit was represented by Matt, Mitchell, Taylor, Tom and me tonight - thanks guys for coming-out, giving it your all and representing the shop in a positive manner.  The shop jerseys are instantly recognized and really pop in comparison to others out there.  At one point I was still outbound on the 2nd lap and caught a flash of Tom across the woods but had no trouble identifying him because of the jersey. 

Several people mentioned how much they appreciated the videos of the races posted by mechBgon.  I know these take hours of editing and final production on his part.  Just want to thank him in writing for going above and beyond for the benefit of others.

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  1. I too enjoy and appreciate the helmet cam view of the race. I sit in front of my computer a bit in awe as the screen flashes in front of me while the camera flies through the woods, avoiding trees and bumping over rocks.

    The sound of the bike on the trail is an added bonus. I also chuckle over the many on-screen comments that have been added to the video.

    Thanks very much for your hard work in putting this stuff together. It is first class.