Monday, June 13, 2011

Joy Ride

The weather broke cool and clear the other morning so I took off for a solo spin on the Hangman Valley loop.  As I rolled my bike out of the driveway it was apparent that my battery in the computer had given-up; kaput.  I had little time so I decided to tough it out without my digital companion.

There was no wind for a change and I spied a rider up ahead on the Baltimore grade so the effort went up a notch or two.  Without the computer, all I had to judge my effort was my breathing and how my legs felt.  I had not ridden for a few days and the legs felt remarkably fresh.  None of that heaviness I often experience.

Nothing to look at on the bars so I took in the sights and marveled and how quickly the surrounding Palouse was turning green and lush.  So often when riding solo I think about maintaining a certain speed on each section regardless of how I feel that day.  Not this day, I rode comfortably and enjoyed being out on two wheels on a clear day - just pedaling for the joy of it.

I saw people I knew out and even chatted with a couple for a mile or so - adding to the joy.  I returned home from the ride refreshed and optimistic about the day ahead.

I think from now-on I will remove the computer once a week just to remind myself to take the occasional joy ride.

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