Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Five favorites.

I like bikes. No, I love bikes, riding, racing and most of all cycling culture. As such I've been known to troll a series of different blogs. Some I read regularly, some quite infrequently. But I'd like to share some of my favorites.

Red Kite Prayer. Not only a blog with a fantastic name--a red kite traditionally marks 1 kilometer to go in a race--but well written blog too. They wrote a piece on frame pumps the other day that I absolutely loved.

Boulder Report. Many moons ago I knew the writer of this blog a bit, but it was so long ago this almost doesn't count. Anyway, this blog alone upstages pretty much everything else Bicycling magazine cranks out. Great insight, crisp writing and a strong point of view.

The Inner Ring. If you're tired of the over-hyped yet somehow under-reported world of cycling "journalism," you might like this blog. I do, anyway.

Mud and Cowbells. To be clear, I'm not a cross racer, but the author clearly is. Cross racers are a puzzling breed that I somehow relate to, even if one too many knee surgeries keep me from running. Anyway, this blog gets the tone right for those cyclists that, more than anything, love the taste of their own blood and vomit. (If you've raced cross you know of what I write.)

Competitive Cyclist. OK, this is written by an over-priced mail order retailer, but their blog (which typically has little to do with products they sell) is fantastic. They don't pull many punches about the state of the bike industry and as a result my guess is have occasionally have found themselves in hot water with suppliers. Anyway, it's smart writing and offers great insight into their business and perspective on riding and racing. Thought leadership at its finest.

All this said I'm always on the hunt for new reading material. Any others to share?

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