Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nice Work!

It is not often we feel like complementing the City and various road construction companies, but credit needs to be given to both for the work that is wrapping-up on South Hatch and 57th.  In this case both for the design of the project and the speed of completion.

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of the construction in progress from Hatch to 57th in Bike to Work Commute - Road Less Traveled.  Since that time the first phase has been completed and the second appears to be very near.  The new section has a real turn lane, real shoulder and real bike lanes - all on baby bottom smooth asphalt.  The traffic routing was conducted with only slight disruption to local residents and businesses.  Here is what it looked like on June 20th.

If you look closely in the upper right portion of the photo, you can see the continuation of the bike lane on the second phase.  Those that have ridden this section of road know first hand how treacherous the lack of turn lane, shoulder, unbroken asphalt and paint made this for bikes.  Now it almost looks inviting.

We can't say the same for Manito Boulevard from 37th to High Drive though on Monday they were beginning to roll asphalt.  In all fairness, this was a much more extensive replacement of utilities and not just widening and repaving.

We expect that both motorists and cyclists will appreciate the improvements and safety afforded to both in this project.  Nice Work!

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