Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekly Shop Ride Report 4/7/11

About 20 or so hearty souls showed for the second shop ride of the year this evening. The ride conditions were surprisingly dry though the temperature dropped continuously throughout the ride. We even had a couple of triathletes on tri bikes come blowing-in late and then disrupt the flow of the ride with all of their aero antics, but they were reasonably well tolerated by the peloton.

Interestingly enough, the roads were wet just as we turned-off of Government Way and must have just missed some significant precipitation. Though there were quite a few rooster tails and back-stripes there were no complaints from the group. Tom stopped to render pneumatic assistance to JS who was then kind enough not to completely demoralize us the remainder of the ride.

The final regrouping point was the top of Doomsday Hill before the final roll back to the shop. Thankfully, Tomás had stayed behind to attend to a couple of final customers and ensure that hot pizza would arrive shortly. There was still plenty of light when we returned which served to reveal almost universal smiles as the group dismounted and visited.

Thanks to everyone who attended and to Team Two Wheel members Lynn, Gage, Paul, Tom, Scott and Taylor. The team is very attentive and does a great job of ensuring everyone has someone to ride with. Hope to see everyone back next week.

mechBgon adds: here's some video from the ride. And tangentially, check out the resource usage involved in high-def video editing (pic below)... it's not a coincidence that my home computer is packing 16GB of RAM and one of the latest quad-core processors (Core i5 Sandy Bridge with 3.7GHz turbo mode).

yikes... that's right, 11GB of memory in use!

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