Monday, April 25, 2011

Two Wheel Transit Fields 24 Hour Team

Now that snow has melted in Riverside State Park, we hear more people are out riding the 24 hour course for practice.  Some just to re-familiarize themselves while others are learning it for the first time.  With a month to go until the Memorial Day Weekend 24 Hour Race the excitement is beginning to build as teams are forged and plans are made for the big event.

Two Wheel Transit is equally enthusiastic and has entered a team in the 10 Person Corporate Division.  The team is still in the formative stage, but we can say that there will be some familiar names and some really fast riders along with some not so fast.  We have 4 confirmed riders at this point and will announce the entire team at once so stay tuned.  There is at least one rider that has a very cool and inspirational back story that will be covered. as well.

While the 24 Hour Race is an awesome event, we also want to encourage people to ride the Wednesday Night Mountain Bike Race Series this year.  This is a much shorter race and also takes place in Riverside State Park, you guessed it, every Wednesday night beginning May 18 this year.  We will also be sponsoring entries in the series and know it will be fun and fast if last year was any indication.  The races are set-up on a different course each week and just a lot of fun.  You can show up the evening of the race and register on the spot since it is so well organized.

Regardless of the venue, the Park has a lot to offer and provides some of the best riding in the area so be sure to check it out this year if you have not already.

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