Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Stuff Really Works

Hammer Nutrition makes great products but admits that not all work for everyone.  They have been making Endurolytes capsules for a long time to replace lost electrolytes during heavy endurance events.  Being someone who suffers from cramps after or during hard rides I have always appreciated how well the caps work in preventing or alleviating them.  The issue for me has always been remembering to take them in addition to drinking plenty of fluids.

This issue has been solved with the introduction of Endurolyte Fizz.

Now in tablet form they come in a tube in flavors like mango, and grapefruit and fizz like Alka-seltzer when dropped into water.  They do not contain any carbs and are very light tasting. Once in the bottle, the athlete gets a dose of buffered electrolytes with each sip so you do not need to remember when you last took a capsule.

Since I tend to cramp-up more mountain biking than on the road, I have been testing them this spring with good results.  At $6.50 per tube, they run you about $.50 per serving which is about 1/2 the price of a gel pack.

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