Friday, April 22, 2011

Shop Ride Report - A Night of Firsts

An intrepid group of nine went out for a ride in the wind, rain and cold last night.  The weather was forecast to turn partly cloudy and dry at about 3 pm.  Obviously the weather does not pay attention to forecasts and the wind, rain and cold temps made for a bracing evening ride.  There were numerous post ride complaints of aching toes once they began to thaw-out.

It turned out to be a fast ride and I kept thinking I had somehow stumbled into a road race for which I was woefully unprepared. This ride clearly violating our No-Drop Policy but since I was the one getting dropped it seemed acceptable.

Regardless of the conditions it was still good ride and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves.  It was also an interesting night because of several firsts that occurred - each with their own back story.

First time we had road bikes, tri bikes and mountain bikes all on the same ride.  The tri bikes were allowed because they were buying after-ride pizza. The mountain bikes were allowed because they are good to draft behind. They were only along for part of the ride since Tom was showing the 24 hour course to a customer who is racing it for the first time this year.  The sad truth is both these guys are fast and the folks on the road and tri bikes were all just trying to hold the wheel on one of the mountain bikes. We had to fend for ourselves once they turned-off into the dirt just before 7 mile bridge.

First time the new Team Two Wheel jerseys made their public appearance.  These jerseys are sharp and very classic at the same time.  Unfortunately, they were buried under about 15 layers to ward-off hypothermia. The other sponsors are represented at various points and logos tastefully displayed. These beauties will be on sale in the shop soon - so stay tuned.

First time there was pizza sponsored by another organization.  Everyone seems to know that pizza is provided by the shop on the first ride of each month.  But now we have a bonus night 2 weeks later sponsored by Summit Ridge Christian Fellowship.  If it seems to be getting too complicated trying to remember which Thursday comes with pizza (which the GU Cycling Club members have refined to an art) just show up and there will be pizza on about 50% of the rides.  I was worried that there may be too much pizza for the number of riders, but the two GU riders quickly dispelled any concern of excess pizza for the night.

Thank you again to all who came to ride and to for sponsoring the pizza.

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