Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tubeless CX0 Update - Day 1

In Tubeless CX0 Update I described the conversion of my conventional 700x38 cross tires to a tubeless setup.  They were still holding air this morning although at much lower pressure than I left them with last night.  I topped them off to 60 psi and headed out on the open road.

After 1/4 mile I was treated to the sound of air escaping my rear tire and Stan's sealant spraying on my right calf with each rotation.  Dang, the hole that sealed last night, lost the plug.  I got it to seal up again with enough pressure remaining to limp back home.  I added a good measure of Stans and inflated the tire again.  

The hole sealed and I went out for an 18 mile road ride on the setup.  The tires held for the entire ride without incident.  This might just work after all....

The next report will be after doing some off-road testing.

See you on the road.

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