Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tubeless CX0 Update

Pulled the tubes out of the CX0 cross tires on the Superfly tonight and reinserted the tubeless stems I had removed over a week ago.  I was very pleased that they were still in the same spot I remembered placing them - a rarity in my garage.  Next I put a generous amount of Stan's NoTubes Sealant in the rear tire and popped the bead back on the rim.  It sealed immediately when I hit it with some high-pressure air with a satisfying "Pop". Then I noticed that it found and sealed the hole from the glass puncture on my rides this past weekend. So far, so good.

I applied the same process to the front tire but noticed that there was still a lot of soapy water sloshing around in it when I removed the tube.  As a result, it had washed the old Stan's sauce off of the hooks on the rim so it was not sealed as well as the rear.  It took more sealant and a couple more shots of pressure to pop and seat itself on the rim.

Remember that these are not specifically listed as tubeless tires so this application may not work.  I pumped them up to 80 psi and will check them in the morning to see if they hold.   If so, I will do some riding with lower pressures on the bluff to make sure they remain sealed during use.  I will have a couple of tubes and lots of air with me just in case.

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