Saturday, February 16, 2013

Misc Stuff

Front of the Building is almost done - just in time for spring

Yesterday we even had light coming in the front doors and illuminating our north clothing wall - must be a sign....

We are going to celebrate our 3 years as owners and South Perry District Grand Opening this coming week starting with a Ribbon Cutting at 4pm Thursday, the 21st.  This will be followed by our annual Ladies Night with spring clothing previews and specials, maintenance clinics, nutrition Q&A, refreshments and Prize Drawings.

The cool ladies over at Title Nine will be having a pre event sale from 4:30 - 6pm that day and then heading over for the festivities.  The celebration will continue Friday and Saturday with a meet the team event on Saturday at 12pm and prize drawings at 4pm.  Should be a great time for us and our guests.

Finally, I rode the Valley Chapel Loop to Rockford on the 3rd of February and was delighted to find that not only could I ride that far, but that the road was gritty, but very ride able nonetheless. Interestingly I did not ride that loop until the 18th of March last year.  Perhaps I had waited until I was in some sort of shape before attempting the ride last year - clearly not the case this year.  I swear the grade had grown steeper and longer since I last rode it in October 2012.

So begins another year of suffering, adventures, triumph, tears and community on two wheels - bring it on.

Two Wheel Transit Bicycles - Cycling for Life

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