Thursday, November 22, 2012

Over the River and Through the Wood

If you are like most people the holidays come with traditions - something to look forward to that is special to you or your family.  Thanksgiving brings two to mind for me - first is the over eating and second is a bike ride outside.  The two go hand in hand because if I can get a good ride in before gorging myself it helps alleviate some guilt about gorging myself.

If I am really fortunate, I can ride to the Thanksgiving feast -today was such a day.  We were going to have dinner at my dad and stepmother's house and the weather was clear and low 40s.  Nice given the storms we have had the last week.

We live down by Hangman Golf Course and my folks live near Whitworth University which is about 18 miles via the most direct route.  My folks act as if we live on the dark side of the moon when it comes to driving to our house. But 18 miles is too short and not very scenic for tradition so I have discovered the long-way so I can get more riding and eating in the same day.  My wife and kids come up by car with my clothes so I leave about an hour earlier than they do.

The route involves riding up Hwy 195, over to Government Way, through Riverside State Park to 9 Mile Dam, to Rutter Parkway, then along the Little Spokane River, to Waikiki then south to my folks for a total distance of 32 miles.  Today was perfect for a ride with clear sky and light wind.  As I rode I could not help but think of the the Thanksgiving (not Christmas) song "Over the River and Through the Wood" by Lydia Maria Child though she did it in a horse-drawn carriage and not a Trek Madone with Dura Ace Di2.

My Carriage

Truth be known, my song went more like: Through the Wood, Over the Creek, Up the Highway, Through the Wood, Along the River, Over the River and Along the Little River to Grandfather's House I Go - but that doesn't make a very good refrain in a song.

Through more wood

7 Mile Bridge

From the Bridge at Deep Creek

9 Mile Reservoir 

9 Mile Dam (Over the River)

Grandfather's House
Upon arriving, I was greeted by wonderful smells, my boys grazing in front of a football game and my dad opening a growler of an IPA he was very enthusiastic about - now that is what I call a tradition. Oh and yes there was pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving to me! Bike love! <3