Sunday, November 4, 2012

No Doubt - This MOOTS is Living Room Worthy

Working in a bike shop we see a lot of things, joy, despair, hope, triumph and excitement.  Not sure who was more excited (him or us) FJ when he took delivery of his brand new Titanium Moots Mooto X mountain bike yesterday.

My wife has graciously accepted the fact that a new bike is prominently displayed for worship at the bike altar in the living room.  Some stay there for weeks where I can sit comfortably on the couch and appreciate each and every detail for hours.

If this Moots had come home with me it would probably be there long enough to serve as a Thanksgiving display and place to hang stockings for Christmas.

This bike is in a word - breathtaking.  The sweeping curves and crisp lines combined with world-class, hand-built craftmanship and finish are enough to make a person light-headed. Don't let the sophisticated good looks fool you though.  This bike will turn into a trail burning, rock-eating beast once it is unleashed.  A full-on 29er with XT 2x10 and Bontrager RXL wheels - she is going to dish-out gobs of speed and confidence inspiring handling for her new owner.

Thanks for letting us share in your excitement and very cool project.  Happy trails

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