Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thanks for Your Support!

Thanks to everyone who made it out for the final ride of the year with Two Wheel Transit from our future location at 817 S Perry Street.  We also heard from many who tried to make it but could not because of scheduling conflicts - thanks for thinking of us and we will look forward to when you can make in the future.  We had a few new faces with both Baddlands Cycling Club and GU Cycling Club rounding-out the group

It was a perfect evening for a ride and it felt really cool riding down Perry Street in a big pack of riders with the farmers market, South Perry Pizza, Title Nine, The Shop and Casper Fry all packed with people.

Thanks to Teresa, Dave and Eli for handling all of the details of food and refreshment for everyone when we returned.  The sun seemed to set a little to quickly so we had to cut the ride about 3 mile shorter than planned.  It seems we need to have a couple of rides each week or different distances at the least to ensure that more people can participate.  So stay tuned as we get all that sorted-out between now and when the rides start-up again next spring.

After pizza we had a tour of the new shop under construction and though it has a long way to go, it is progressing well for our move and opening in November - more to come on that later.

Thanks again to everyone for their support of the shop - we could not do it without you.  We will continue to give progress updates on construction and an opening date in November.

See you on the road.

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