Saturday, August 11, 2012

Domane 5.9 Customer Review - "It Flies"

Jim purchased a TREK Domane 5.9 a few weeks ago and has close to 1,000 miles already.  The 5.9 is the second from the top Domane with Shimano Ultegra Di2 Electronic Shifting.  Here are some of Jim's impressions and comments about the bike.

"Wow... This bike lets you ride harder & longer at a faster constant speed then you could on a regular bike. The way the frame effectively soaks up road vibrations is just amazing.

When you are riding on a rough road it feels like your on a normal smooth road and yes, when you do ride on that smooth road it almost feels like your floating above it.

I own many bikes but this one is my new favorite one to ride. Plus it has the Ultegra Di2 system that works so well with the bike that now I'm spoiled! The shifting & brake are just so fantastic, that going back to manual shifting is a real drag...

This bike is so well thought out for almost any type of riding you can do, its just amazing bike to ride." Jim...

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