Friday, August 24, 2012

Cyclocross Season Starts September 23

The cool mornings toward the end of summer always spark conversations about fall and the upcoming Cyclocross Series Sponsored by Emde Sports.  It seems hard to believe that the first race of the year is only 1 month away on September 23.  The excitement is already building and the conversations quickly turn to cyclocross bikes and their relative merits.

Many people purchase these bikes just for training and racing, but we have noted a recent trend where they are being used as the all-round adventure bike in addition to racing.  Commuting, gravel road riding, off-road riding and early/late season riding are becoming more the norm on these capable bikes.

We stock both MOOTS and Trek Cyclocross bikes and special order those from Salsa and Surly.  All have proven to be great performers in their respective categories.

The big differences lie in the frame materials where MOOTS, Trek and Salsa/Surly are made of Titanium, Aluminum and Steel, respectively.  The ride on the MOOTS Psychlo X can only be described as sublime.

 We currently have sizes ranging from 54cm to 58cm in stock.  Depending on the bike, there is still time to get a special order bike for the first race, but you better hurry as the demand for these bike is growing with the popularity of the races.

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