Sunday, April 15, 2012

Maybe he was Late for Church...

Imagine getting a call at 5:46 am on Sunday morning from the alarm company regarding a tripped motion detector at your shop located 12 miles away.  That was how our Sunday started-off at Two Wheel Transit.  Someone smashed through reinforced glass and ripped a 2012 Trek Lush through the hole and rode off.  The force with which they broke the glass sent shards 30 feet into the shop just short of the cash register.

A witness called the police but the guy was long gone by the time they could respond.  Afterwards Tomas did a wonderful job of cleaning-up from flying glass.  Bruce and I boarded-up the window and sealed things up from the elements until the insurance company can get someone here. 

Since the witness said the perpetrator was a male, the joke is on him - it was a women's mountain bike.

See you on the road.

1 comment:

  1. I would have liked to hear that he got away with a cheaper bike! At least it wasn't a Domane or Madone. Maybe he was upset to hear you guys are moving and that was the only way he could express himself?