Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012 Madone 5.9

Eli built-up the shop's first 2012 Madone 5.9 with Ultegra Di2 today.  The Ultegra version uses the same motors and processor as the Dura Ace system, but does not use all of the same materials and weighs slightly more.   That being said, it also costs about $1,600 less than the Dura Ace group.

We have had a lot of experience with the Dura Ace Di2 so we were anxiously awaiting the first Trek stock bike to be available for those not wanting to purchase a Project One bike.  The Ultegra is solid and nicely finished as we have come to expect from the Shimano road components. 

 The shifting is every bit as fast and precise as the Dura Ace and will certainly bring a smile to your face each tme you ride.  One nice surprise is the use of Ultegra tubless wheels - a very nice upgrade to an already well equipped bike.

Come in and check it out for yourself.

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