Friday, March 30, 2012

TREK Releases the Much Anticipated Domane Classics Bike

"I knew where I wanted to be and now I am there." - Fabian Cancellara describing his impressions of the new TREK Domane Classics Road Bike

Race-ready performance, All-day comfort, Stable, predictable, confident Ride

Imagine a road bike with incredible vertical compliance to isolate vibration and jarring road conditions from your body without sacrificing a single Watt of power transfer to the pedals.  Dream-on, right?  TREK turned this dream into reality today with its release of the Domane Classics Bike

This bike is a completely new design from the ground-up with new patents and features never before seen in a road bike.  IsoZone handlebars, IsoSpeed fork, IsoSpeed technology and Power Transfer Construction.  Individually, these are groundbreaking technologies; collectively they deliver a bike that will become legendary. The TREK Engineers developed these technologies to actually dissipate vibration and impact energy without transferring it to the rider.  This video describes the design process and features: Domane Behind the Scenes

Finally, the Domane produces better power transfer and vertical compliance than the Specialized Roubaix at less weight.

We already have one on the way so stay tuned for its arrival in the shop.

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