Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meet Mr. Moots

Two Wheel Transit is pleased to announce that we are now an authorized dealer for MOOTS Titanium Bicycles.  For those not familiar with the brand, MOOTS is located in Steamboat Springs, CO and the premier builder of innovative and cutting-edge road, cyclocross and mountain bicycle frames.

Those familiar with MOOTS already know them for the quality and finish that goes into each hand-built frame that makes them legendary. 

The MOOTS name and logo come from a childhood companion of the founder - best described from the company's website:

Mr. Moots’ (the alligator in our logo) goes all the way back to the founder’s grade school years. His favorite pencil-top eraser was a loveable, smiling alligator character that accompanied him throughout his school days. One day, while sitting a little bored in class, he squeezed together the alligator’s cheeks as if encouraging him to speak. Lo and behold, out of his mouth came the faint cry of Moots, Moots, Moots… From that day on, he named is pencil-top eraser Mr. Moots. Mr. Moots soon took on a life of his own, appearing in numerous handwritten and drawn comic strips chronicling his various outdoor adventures including skiing, cycling and hiking. Thirty years ago, when it came time to put a name to the first custom bikes he built for his customers, the first choice in names was obvious….Moots.

We are excited about the opportunity to represent this brand in our region and working with customers who are in need of a hand-built frame and desire the ride and durability of proprietary American titanium. Stay tuned for more information as we get the MOOTS area set-up in the shop and we are able to share some ride experiences.

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