Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Great Way to End the Shop Ride Series

Thursday night was the final Two Wheel Transit sponsored Shop Ride.  We closed the shop early that night so all shop employees would be able to join the 20 or so folks who came out.   Team Two Wheel was out in force with Gage, Paul, Andrei, Scott, and Tom all in the mix.

The weather was a perfect temperature in the high 70's which means a few of the riders heated things up with a blistering pace.  It was all in good fun and the ride regrouped several times to ensure no one was dropped.

Fortunately, Tom brought about 1/2 of the shop in his panniers because there were numerous flats and fixes that needed attention on this particular ride.  We had a couple of shop first on this ride - a kid threw something at the group (where were his parents?) as we rolled through the West Central neighborhood, and Patrick from the Scoop was waiting for us at the finish with his Scoopmobile full of great ice cream.  What a treat!

He had great flavors like huckleberry, peanut butter fudge, and strawberry - all of which I needed to "sample" in my post-ride depleted state.

Thanks to all who rode with us this year through rain, lightning, sleet, heat, wind, smoke, and tough kids.  A special thanks to the sponsors of Team Two Wheel: McSpadden General Contracting, Davids Pizza, The Scoop, Desautel-Hege Communications and NAS Pension Consulting for helping the team with jerseys and racing.  Also to team members: Andrei, Gage, Lynn, Paul, Scott, Taylor and Tom for racing their legs off, representing the shop and making the shop rides a success.

Look for the classic white and black shop jerseys at Spokefest next Sunday.

Bruce and Geoff

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