Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Traditions

We all have our traditions for the holidays and those that have followed the blog for awhile know one our ours is that my family makes me go out and ride my bike on days off so as not to drive them crazy.  Thanksgiving is no exception and all the more important to me because if I ride enough I can enjoy some guilt-free overeating.  Couple of years ago I rode the 35 miles to my parent's house for just that reason.

This year the weather was in the high 50's so I went for a rain, ice, snow, cold - free 48 mile road ride since I have been riding the Farley exclusively for the past few weeks.  The MOOTS did not disappoint and I had a fabulous ride out to 9 mile dam and back.  I could not believe the number of cyclists, runners and families out apparently with the same idea.

Happy Thanksgiving

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