Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mid-week Gravel Fix

Some gravel and dirt to hold you over until the weekend.

Route: Valley Chapel - Spangle Creek - Yale - Watt - Cahill-S Dunn and back
Mileage: 35 Dirt/Gravel 5.8 Pavement
Bike: MOOTS Psychlo X
Tires: Hutchinson Sector 28 with 45/50 PSI F/R

Watt road

Beyers and Watt looking east on Watt

Cahill looking south with Steptoe Butte in the distance

Cahill Road looking south just before it turns into a wicked-rough summer road

Spangle-Waverly Rd looking south to Dunn

Former breakaway solo cyclist

Old homestead root cellar

View to north from old homestead/turn-around spot on Dunn

Cool farm and barn on Cahill

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