Saturday, January 4, 2014

MOOTS 1,000 Mile Update

I took the opportunity the first Saturday in 2014 to run the MOOTS on a road ride in the sun.  All the rides now are with studded tires on the road or dirt roads until we turn the corner on winter so I can't speak to any new discoveries on riding characteristics..  It was great to be out in the sun today if only for a relatively short ride.  I tend to forget the cold when it is clear and sunny.

Not much new to report from the last update 500 miles ago, I do find that I have to mess with the disc brakes a lot more than I am used to with a road bike.  I like having a really short lever stroke before the pads contact the braking surface and find that I need to adjust the pull every 250 miles or so.

Other than that the performance of the setup remains rock solid. I still am marveling at the versatility of a cross bike and look forward to some more adventure rides in 2014.  One such ride will be to explore the summer roads to the south as they present themselves this year.


Stay tuned for more updates as riding opportunities present themselves.

See you out there.

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