Monday, November 4, 2013

Moots Psychlo X 500 Mile Update

Time for an update on the MOOTS Psychlo X now that I have over 500 miles on the bike.  So far, the miles have been a combination of road riding, gravel grinding, and riding the mid-trail of the High Drive Bluff in and around Spokane.  

These rides have been accomplished with either a set of Continental Grand Prix 4000s 700x25 road tires or Kenda Short-Block 8 CX 700x32 tires. Both sets of tires have been used for other than their intended use - road tires on rocks and dirt and CX tires humming mile after mile on pavement.

The only break-in issue of note is that some of the spoke nipples loosened in the first 100 miles on the Stan's Tubless Iron Cross wheel so they became slightly out of true.  Tom fixed this by truing the wheels and putting some thread lock on the nipples to hold them in place - rock solid since. 

Sunday we had some snow showers in the morning so I headed off on a road/HD Bluff Trails ride to mark the passing of 500 miles.  I ran into my wife and friends who were hiking the trail and stopped for a photo.  The trails were in great condition and had drained nicely after all of the rain on Saturday.

The Dura Ace 7970 Di2 continued to perform flawlessly even though there was accumulated grit and bit of foliage in the rear derailleur. 

 Sometime in the next 500 miles the studded snow tires will be mounted for the next adventures -stay tuned..

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