Monday, October 7, 2013

Time for a Change - Day 2: Road Configuration

Today was a day for spending some time on the Moots and stretching the legs a bit.  I chose to ride out to 9 mile dam to take in the views and fall scenery.  There are not enough adjectives in my vocabulary to describe what an enjoyable ride I had on this ride.  I like all seasons, but fall is one of my favorite in terms of how I feel.

One thing that is becoming clear is that even though this is a racing bike there are not any compromises in terms of comfort.  While today's distance was only 46 miles I could see this being an all day or century bike without any problem - it is that comfortable.

Another thought that is bubbling up to the top is the opportunity for adventure and exploration - the Moots just begs to turn-off and see where that interesting gravel road might take go.  Speaking of which, I am ashamed to admit that I have never ridden up to the Deep Creek overlook despite having ridden past it probably 50 times.  Not today - problem solved and it was worth the climb.

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