Sunday, July 21, 2013

Not Early Morning Ride Today

Today I was up with the sun just like yesterday only I did not have the sense to go riding then.  Instead I had other things to do until it was 95 degrees outside and THEN I went riding.  A couple of noteworthy things - I decided to wear my Ibex Merino wool jersey for the wicking action and was glad I did as it was comfortable despite the heat.

Also I was on the lookout for snakes warming themselves on the blacktop given the late hour of the day and was not disappointed.

I found this little guy very near where I reported the Rubber Boa a few weeks back.  I explained to him that though I was sure it felt nice, it was a very bad idea on several levels.

Upon thinking it over he decided I was right and headed off for safer pastures.  I however headed off for the the sweltering climb up the Valley Chapel Grade and continued on to Rockford.

The reason I did not ride in the morning had to do with our next post and the John Wayne Trail.  Stay tuned.

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