Saturday, June 8, 2013

It Could Just be Someone You Know

In case you are wondering, June is National Be Kind To Snakes Month. (NBKTSM) where we all should be on the look out for snakes warming themselves on the road.  Those that have followed the blog for awhile may recall my post almost 2 years ago to the day - Ride Creature Feature where I profiled the existence of Rubber Boa species of snake in the western US.

Today I spied this handsome little guy trying to catch a few rays down by Latah Creek on Valley Chapel Rd.  He was on the other side of the creek and about 1/4 mile from my first encounter with one of his relatives 9 years ago.

It was still only 57 degrees so it think he was jumping the gun a bit.  He is very young and almost looked more like an overgrown earthworm.

I was concerned with his safety given that he was in the road and all so I dutifully circled back to relocate him to safer terrain.  He was pretty cold, but otherwise unharmed so I carefully picked him up and set him over to the shoulder where he could warm-up without the fear of getting squished.  I swear he gave me a slithery little thumbs-up as I rode off to face the lung-searing climb up the VC grade to Mt. Hope.

The goal of NBKTSM is to raise the collective awareness of these oft misunderstood creatures to avoid squishing them and help move them to safety.  You never know you could be saving the life of someone you know.

See you on the road.

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