Friday, January 4, 2013

Some Curtains and Throw Pillows - It'll Feel Like Home

Almost two months ago, we moved into our new home at 817 S Perry on November 8, 2012 and reopened the following Tuesday with a temporary entrance, no lit signage and a wall across the front of the store. 

We managed through the holidays like a speakeasy where you could shop with us if you knew the secret entry and password.  Once people were in we spent a lot of time explaining what the front entrance would be like when completed to a lot of people. 

Construction and finishing continued (sometimes noisily) on the other side of the wall while we worked to serve customers on our side.

Today the wall came down and the construction crew worked to get painting completed as customers walked under and around ladders and tools.

The first thing we noticed was the additional light coming-in despite the cloudy winter day outside.  It also made the whole store feel more open by removing the foreboding presence at the front of the store.

Here it what it sounded like when the wall came down:

Some more cleaning and touch-up and it is starting to feel like the space we envisioned over a year ago when we first looked at the old and vacant grocery store building. 

The crews still have some work to do on the renovation of the building face, but we are glad to have a real entrance and more permanent signage to establish our presence in the South Perry District.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be expanding the bike displays into the front area of the store and finishing-out some of the focus areas now that we have all of our space available.

Come by and say "hi" and we will be happy to show you around.

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