Monday, December 19, 2011

When 5 becomes 30

Earlier in the year I described how I rode the circumference of the earth without intending to do so.  I do not know what is magic about the number 5,000 but that has been my annual mileage goal since I began riding again in 2006.  Maybe it just sounds so much bigger than 4,000.  2008 was my best year with over 5,600 miles where 2010 was my lowest at under 4,300 miles.  My annual average is still around 5,000.

Regardless, once again this probably falls into the category of who cares, but it is a goal nonetheless.  Somewhere around September or October, I looked at my year-to-date mileage and resigned myself that there would be no way I was going to hit the goal with winter approaching and just thought I would ride as long as possible.  Through the magic of studded tires and no real winter to speak of so far I have continued riding outdoors on a daily basis.

I was putting in my mileage the other day and realized that I am not only a couple hundred miles from 5,000 for the year, but may also hit the milestone of 30,000 miles since 2006.  Over half of the 30,000 miles  have been on my 2005 Klein Reve which still has the same cassette and chain rings that came with the bike.  The remainder of the miles have been spread between two Trek Madones, the Gary Fisher Superfly and a Klein Aura that I had for a couple of years.

There are 12 days left in the year and if I do not get sick, hurt, snowed-in, run over, or too busy I might make either the 5,000 or 30,000 mile mark.  I will post an update on the 31st on how I did.  Until then,  Merry Christmas and safe riding.

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  1. My goal for the year is 4000, but I am 300 miles short at this point. 5000 might be something I shoot for a couple years down the road.