Monday, February 7, 2011

A Brave New World

You will notice a change next time you roll into Two Wheel Transit - more computers.  Yup, the old cash register is gone and has been replaced by a point-of-sale terminal with a wireless scanner.  This helps us provide better customer service with more accurate information on items in-stock or on order as well as getting purchases wrung-up faster.  Work orders are now electronic as well and tied to purchase orders so we can track the status of customer repairs without running all over the shop.  We also will be doing regular cycle counts to identify any errors that have crept into the quantity on-hand detail and should not have to close for an annual inventory again next year.

As with any new system, there is a steep leaning curve for all of us so please be patient if it seems we are a little hesitant when working with the screens.  We are also asking for name, phone number and email address of our regular customers.  This is not to be snoopy or intrusive, it just helps find things for customers faster and provides a means of notifying when work is done or in rare cases delayed.

What will not change is our appreciation of our customers, outstanding service, attention to detail, excellent repair work and turn-around, fun and fair place with which to do business.  Thank you again for your support.

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