Friday, June 24, 2011

Wednesday-night XC race #6 of 7

Last Wednesday was the sixth of the seven-race Wednesday-night series out at Riverside State Park. As you all know, the weather was quite warm on Wednesday, which encouraged an excellent turnout. I got there very early, pre-rode the course (and measured the distance for Gino), and still had time to burn.

Riding in the heat made everything tougher. The course was diverse, featuring most of the rock gardens from the 24-hour course, as well as about 900ft elevation gain per lap, and finished with a singletrack climb up Boat Hill, followed by a 35-40mph doubletrack descent leading down to the Start/Finish area (if you watched last week's video, it's last week's first section in reverse). The competition turned out to be quite tough as well, and it was great fun seeing how it was all going to end up. The video below gives a blow-by-blow account; if I do this next year, I'll make sure to get a second camera to capture the rear view.

Next week's the final race of this year's series. If you've ever wanted to try a mountain-bike race, give it a try. Don't let the video intimidate you, that's just the front-line action... there's people having a super-fun race all up & down the ranks. Hope to see you out there! :)

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