Friday, June 17, 2011

Wednesday-night race series #5!

Up until Tuesday, the weather outlook for the fifth of seven Wednesday-night XC races looked promising. Then the forecast began calling for rain showers instead. I was hoping for good weather and a good turnout this week in particular, since it was Two Wheel Transit's night to sponsor the race and we'd put a lot of effort into our schwag bundle.

Sure enough, there was rain as predicted, and only about 50 racers this week. Well, that means more schwag for them, right? Pro tip: always come to Two Wheel Transit's race. ;) Incidentally, if you haven't been to the Wednesday-night races, one of the awesome things about them is that the schwag is given away by random drawing, not by how well you placed. And you get to pick your prize from whatever hasn't been given away yet!

I rode out to Riverside in intermittent rain, with time for a full course pre-ride, and was intrigued by the first section of the course. I liked it! The first bottleneck was about 1/2 mile in, after a steady ascent that had some passing opportunities, but also some sections with just one good line, so any passing on the ascent would need to be done decisively. At 1/2 mile, racers funneled into a fast singletrack descent, connected with the 24-hour course, climbed 5-Minute Hill and Devil's Up, descended Devil's Down, and then hung left and came down The Spine.

My own race went OK, weather notwithstanding, and since JT wasn't there for this race, I've now sneaked into 1st place overall in the series for the Two-Lapper Men category. Here's my video summary below, if you're into these:

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