Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mayberry RFD

Those of you old enough to remember watching Andy Griffith show reruns on TV during the day when you stayed home sick from school will know what I am talking about when I say last night's Spokane Summer Parkways was like being in Mayberry.  Absent Barney Fife asking Andy whether he should get "the bullet" to defend against some dangerous threat.  (As a policeman, Barney had to carry a gun but was made to do so without any bullets due to his excitability.)

The Summer Parkways event on the south hill last night reminded me of the idyllic setting of the show called Mayberry RFD.  The pace of life was slower, things were simple and everyone always had time to stop and visit with neighbors.  People did not rush home from stressful jobs, close the garage door and hang-out on Facebook.

I saw people enjoying the lovely summer evening walking, skating, cycling and stopping to engage in unhurried and light conversation.  Smiles were everywhere. The event which covered a loop from Manito to Comstock Parks and back engaged people with their neighbors and neighborhoods.  Hats-off to the organizers, volunteers and civic leaders who made this event happen.  We were fortunate to have been a part of it as the sponsors of the bike decorating celebration.  Here are some of the efforts we saw last night.

Well done Spokane.

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