Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 1 Medicine of Cycling Conference

Yesterday was Day1 of the Medicine of Cycling Conference. It was held at the US Olympic Training
Center in Colorado Springs. This conference is designed to try to bring together physicians interested in cycling to share their expertise as team doctors and generally improve the medical offered to cyclists.

Topics this day discussed being a team doctor for amateur and professional teams, osteoporosis in cyclists (a significant issue because cycling doesn't “load” the bones to strengthen like other weight bearing activities like running or even walking), sport psychology (talking about the psychological characteristics of champions and over-training or rather under-recovery), cardiac concerns, concerns specific to women and exercise induced asthma (how it effects performance and what to do about it).

Lunch was in the dining hall with the athletes that are there training. Lo-fat healthy food to power these young bodies efficiently and effectively. No burger and fries here. There were several countries represented, Holland and Australia were ones that I was able to identify with some certainty. It was amazing to see the many young athletes relaxing, but reminding myself that these are some of the finest athletes in the country and perhaps the world.

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