Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cool new taillight!

Heads-up to any of you who've wished for a REALLY powerful taillight. We got some of the new Cygolite Hotshot in. They're affordable ($40), self-contained, lightweight (56 grams with mount), they recharge from a USB port, and they have a LOT of power. Want to be seen in daylight? Get one of these, make sure it's aimed straight & level, and you're in business. This is far, far more powerful than the popular SuperFlash or any other taillight we've sold.

Another interesting feature: they're adjustable. The flashing modes can be sped up or slowed down by holding down a button. Adjusting the steady mode changes its intensity. So if your commute is partly the Centennial Trail, and partly roadways, you can set up the steady-burn mode pretty low for the CT where you don't want to be blasting people, and then switch to one of the full-power flashing modes when you hit the street.

Here's an impromptu video clip I shot:

And here's the runtime chart from the back of the package:

We currently have four of these, come check 'em out :)

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