Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Funkiest Bike Tights Known to Man

On a recent ride, somehow the conversation turned to old cycling clothes and the subject of TP's and Scooter's crazy funny tights came up. The pictures don't do them justice, but here is the story.

When Scooter and I were junior racers we had some crazy tights and I've been asked to do a blog post about them. Hopefully you can tell by the picture what they looked like. The picture is me and the tights [Ed. Note - Racing in Volunteer Park about 1988]. If you can't tell, are black with turquoise polka dots. Hopefully Scooter can come up with a better picture of his because they make mine look normal.

Here are the facts. .

Fact. We rode during the winter.

Fact. We had a need for tights.

Fact. There wasn't a lot in the way of funds to buy cycling gear for Scooter and me when we were younger.

Fact. My dad was handy with a needle and thread.

Fact. We were urged to choose the material for our tights out of the misfit-bastard-discount-bin at the fabric store.

Fact. I choose the closest thing I could find to all black tights.

Fact. Scooter wasn't so lucky.

Fact. I still thought they were awesome even though some others didn't at the time. [Ed. Note - We think they are awesome NOW, but for all the wrong reasons.]

Fact. Scooter still raced with his into his pro-circuit racing days.

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  1. Okay that last fact is true, But, after 1991 or so I wore them under other more normal looking attire whenever possible.